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Patients and their families have the right to choose which hospice best meets their needs. YOU choose your hospice care provider—your physician can’t decide that for you. The Patient Self Determination Act of 1990 allows you to make decisions regarding your healthcare. No other entity should or can make that decision. Health care management is one of the most important areas of your life to control. You should only make a decision after you’ve seen all options. You should not make these decisions in a rush or after being coerced. No one should tell you which hospice to choose.

Accredited Hospices of America will coordinate with the physician of your choice. You can either have your physician continue to oversee your care with our hospice, or our dedicated medical team can manage your care.

There are multiple levels of hospice care available. Facilities provide respite care, which allows families to rest. Routine hospice care is available in the patient’s home or in a facility of their choice, such as a skilled nursing facility. Our Medical Director will deem it necessary for continuous care, which can be provided for extended periods of time.

Our team of compassionate professionals focuses on patients, providing physical, mental, spiritual and emotional support.

Hospice care should never be a last minute decision. It is the most critical decision to make for someone with an advanced illness. Choosing hospice care early can help sustain the quality of life. You should make the decision to hire hospice care before it’s absolutely necessary in order to provide peace to the family and comfort to the patients.

Hospice is available through insurance, usually at no cost. You can begin utilizing hospice care after receiving a serious diagnosis, so that quality of life can be addressed early on. Hospice has been accumulated over a lifetime. The goal of hospice is to provide a greater quality of life, making the best of each day.

Why Choose Us?

  • We prioritize patient care.
  • Our medical team includes the best physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains and certified nursing aids.
  • We don’t use contract labor.
  • Our staff is experienced in caring for hospice patients.
  • We provide quality medical equipment at no additional cost.
  • We coordinate patient care with doctors, hospitals and facilities.
  • We provide hospice care wherever you need it, whether it’s your home or a facility.
  • Hospice has been accumulated over a lifetime through Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance companies.
  • We tailor our care plans to meet your unique health situation, which we discuss with you, your family and caregivers

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